Capsulotomy Problems, Still Have Pain.

I Had a capsulotomy almos 7 months ago and i still have sharp stabbing like pain, my nipples are sore, and sensitive especially in the right breast. My left breast is now smaller even though they put in the same implants i had in before. I just want to know what could be the problem. If you could reply to my post it would be greatly appreciated.

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Pain after Capsulotomy

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Capsulotomy means your surgeon did not remove all of your capsule, in fact maybe non of it was removed but simply scored or opened up to make more room inside the space. We do capsulotomies to move implants lower or more toward the outside or inside. Capsulectomy means more extensive work was done and the capsule around your implant was actually removed. If you had a capsulectomy your recovery would be more involved and could be more painful. You should be on an aggressive stretching program and possibly even be having some occupational therapy that can assist you with some external ultrasound therapy.

Reno Plastic Surgeon
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Pain after Capsulectomy

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As others have stated, you may have recurrent scar tissue and capsule formation.  Without a physical examination, it is difficult to know for sure.  It would be best to return to your surgeon for an evaluation and to discuss your options.


Good Luck.

Breast Augmentation Capsules

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It is important to understand that ALL implants will have a capsule around them (even implants like pacemakers and knees). It is a natural body reaction to a foreign body.  Problems occur in breast augmentation when something causes the capsule to get thick and shrink or contract, resulting in firm implants at first and then progressing to hard, deformed and painful breast implants. There are two main reasons for a breast capsule contracture.  One is blood around the implant and another is a low grade infection called a biofilm.  It is very difficult to determine without a complete examination and I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon to help you determine what is going on. If your breast is still soft then something else is causing the pain and often desensitizing massage will help along with more time.   

Brian Windle, MD
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Pain in breast

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Without a full exam it is difficult to say what is wrong.  Capsulotomy or capsulectomy can cause the tissues to thins after removal and therefore the breast may look smaller.  

Steven Wallach, MD
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Pain after capsulotomy

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Assuming you had a capsulectomy, a fair amount of scar develops within the breast.  This can cause pulling on the skin or the new capsule, and can entrap small skin nerve fibers.  This can sometimes explain long-term post-operative pain.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Pain after capsule removal

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You may have a recurrent capsule.  Especially true if you had the same implants placed back.  The etiology of capsules is thought to be a bacterial biofilm around the implants.  Generally new implants are placed in a new pocket.  You may also need one of the new biologic materials such as strattice or alloderm to prevent capule reformation.  Discuss this with a board certified Plastic Surgeon.  Donald R Nunn MD  Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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