Capsulotomy? Pocket Revision? (photo)

I had my 2nd BA Oct 2011 (change from saline to silicone, increase 425cc to 752cc, both sub-muscular). I'm 5'10" / 138 lbs. Watching my breasts progress through pictures, and in comparing the evolution to those with similar statistics, I am now wondering if my pocket was too small? I hoped it was tight skin / muscle but almost 1 year out, It appears that my breast implants still sit very high and don't have the normal drop / protrusion. Recommendations? Process explanations? Thank you!

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Implants and capsulotomy

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First, you have very larger implants. An exam in  person will help determine if the pockets are tight. If this is the case, then a revision may be necessary.  I see the issue on the frontal view.  The lateral view looks acceptable.

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Capsulotomy? Pocket Revision?

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Even with the posted photos I differ in that I see this as an acceptable result. But if YOU are dissatisfied or feel hardness/capsule than the ONLY remedy is another surgery. 

Implants too high/pockets too tight

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Judging from your pictures you are correct: the capsule around the implants is too small to allow the implants to settle lower. It may even be due to some degree of capsular contracture. If the pockets are merely too small an inferior capsulotomy may be all that is needed but if a true capsular contracture is at work than a more aggressive capsulectomy will be needed. Ask your plastic surgeon and even consider getting a second opinion.Good luck!

Marcel Daniels, MD
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