Capsulorraphy Question?

I bottomed out on my right (1,5 cm lower) and had a capsulorraphy done yesterday. The implant stayed in and the docter just opened the crease under my breast, made the pocket smaller and raised my crease. Now everything is taped so I can't really see it good enough, but it looks like he made my breast much smaller, like 3/4 of what it used to be. I read that some docters overdo the sawing on purpose, but this looks really small, is it possible he cut too much and can it loosen in a while? Thanks

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Capsulorraphy Question?

If the surgeon left the same implant in and simply did a capsullorhaphy, no tissue would have been removed, and there should not be a volume change. Patience, reevaluate when you can actually see the breast.

All the best. 

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Change in volume after capsulorrhaphy

I think you are very early in the healing process.  It is best not to rush to judgment.  Given that just a capsulorrhaphy was done, it is unlikely that you would sustain a change in volume.  The change in volume may simply be due to swelling.  Speak with her plastic surgeon and follow his or her directions carefully.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Concerns after Capsulorraphy Surgery?

Although your concerns/ questions are understandable,  your best bet is to continue to exercise patience. As you mention in your question, you are not getting a full view of your breasts at this point. Again, patience and close follow-up with your plastic surgeon are in your best interests.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the outcome of the revisionary breast surgery performed.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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