Went Back to Work 1 Week After Capsulopexy and Felt a Ripping by Ribs, Did my Surgeon Send me to Work too Soon?

I had capsulopexy surgery in 2008 and my PS sent me back to work in a week knowing I told him numerous times I continously lift 50-100+ . A week after I got back and lifting I felt this rip right off my rib it literally took my breath away and the pain was horrible. My question is if I would've had the proper nhealing time would I have needed anothe rsurgery in 2009 and was my ps in the wrong? 2009 surgery was my fith. Also would the ripping off my rib have ann affect on my back from the lifting and ripping?

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Time off Work post capsulectomy

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Without more information and thorough examination, it is difficult to guide you properly. Your surgeon understands the scope of the surgery and specifics of you so he or she would be in the best position to guide you.

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At Work 1 Wk Aftr Capsulopexy&Felt Ripping by Ribs. Answr:

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It is really hard to try and get an implant to go uphill against gravity. We suture the capsule down to the rib and it can still relax. I have my patients avoid any bouncing for 6 weeks and an underwire bra 24/7. Your job my not allow such a time off and my guess is that you are eventually going to need a support tissue like Strattice to hold your implant in place. I would probably stop doing the same thing over if it doesn't work...

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Breast implants issues

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It is hard to say what your issues are exactly.  It is best to go for a consultation to try to figure out what your issues are.

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