Capsulloraphy 7 Days P/O?

It has been 7 days since my capsulloraphy on my right breast, to raise the pocket after bottoming out. Now, I have not have ANY pain since day 1, so I start doubting if it has been attached to my ribs as the doctor says, because that's supose be be pretty painfull. I just took my bandage off and the crease is still lower. Can this still be the swelling, I mean it has been a week and my implant did not go out, just suturing the capsule with implant inside, so no major things done there?

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Concerns about Capsulorrhaphy for Bottoming Out after Breast Augmentation?

Although your concerns are understandable, online consultants will not be able to be of much help to you. Your plastic surgeon will be in a much  better position to advise you after direct examination. Generally speaking, capsulorraphy surgery does not necessarily have to be associated with significant discomfort (despite what you may have read).  The degree of discomfort associated with the procedure does tend to vary from one patient to another.

 I would suggest close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

 Best wishes.

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7 days after capsulorrhaphy

I think you are very early in the healing process.  It is best not to rush to judgment.  Wait for the swelling to decrease and speak with her plastic surgeon and follow his or her directions carefully.  Your problem is very complex and open communication along with watchful waiting is prudent.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Difficult to make a decision about success of reconstruction of the infra mammary fold seven days after an operation.

I'm not certain the absence of pain is much as a predictor. Swelling in the area concert made secure objective evaluation. I give the area plenty of time to heal before becoming concerned.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Capsulorrhaphy and 7 days after surgery

At seven days after a capsulorrhaphy you are still healing and yes still pretty swollen.  Why you do not have a lot of pain is difficult to answer but a good thing nonetheless.

Steven Wallach, MD
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