Capsulectomy - Will Wearing Breast Band Close the Upper Pocket?

Hi Doctors - I have unilateral capsular contracture and am scheduled to have capsulectomy (partial / 70 or 80% capsule removal). I am contemplating on wearing a breast band during recovery. My surgeon plans to also open up the upper pocket high during surgery. Will wearing the compression band scar down and close up the upper pocket and result in a tight pocket that the implant won't have enough room to move upward or move as freely when healed?

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Breast Band

Without seeing you in consultation, there is no way to give specific advice.  Additionally, post op protocol for band use has to be customized to each patient and their individual situation.


Good Luck.

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Bands and capuslectomy

I am not a big fan of using bands, but in  some cases it can help. As for your case, it really depends upon the goals of surgery.

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