What Caused my Rupture After Capsulectomy?

I had a capsulectomy with removal of scar tissue and saline implants, both right and left had scar tissue. The scar tissue was removed on both and replaced with silicone slightly larger implants. Two weeks to the day later I experienced a rupture in the right breast which as per my dr. was a ruptured artery causing me to have surgery with general anesthesia right away again. Any ideas on possible causes?

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What Caused my Rupture After Capsulectomy? Bleeding form ruptured artery

Unusual bleeding at 7-10 days surgeons may suggest an evaluation for Von Willebrands disease. Bleeding after surgery for any operation typically occurs within 24 hours or between  7-10 days which are the most common periods for concern.

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A hematoma can happen after a breast augmentation.  This can happen when a blood vessel that was cauterized during surgery opens up and bleeds. This is why doctors usually recommend limited activity for the first few weeks after surgery.

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This sounds like a hematoma

The change in your breast 2 weeks after surgery sounds as though you had bleeding causing your breast to swell. This is probably why your Dr. took you back to the operating room to treat.

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