Is Capsule Removal Necessary When Explanting with CC?

Hi! I had my BA in June and have had 3 complications in that time so I'm now looking to explant. I had CC on the right side at 11 Weeks post op. I had a revision (capsulotomy) to fix the CC, but it came back just 11 days post-op. I've made the decision to explant, but my PS said he would just leave the capsules in. Is this standard procedure with CC and explantation?

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Capsule Removal after Explantation of Implants?

    The capsule can remain unless there is substantial hardness due to calcification or if silicone particle remants or granulomas are present.

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Is Capsule Removal Necessary When Explanting with CC?

I am sorry to hear about your outcome. I decide on a case by case basis how to manage the capsule. If the capsule is thick, if the capsule is calcified, and if the the remaining breast tissue is distorted by the capsule after the implant is removed, I will remove the capsule. If it is soft and pliable, I will often leave it.  If the implant was above the muscle, and the breast tissue is thin, I will often leave the anterior capsule if at all possible. 

Some surgeons do prefer to do complete capsulectomy in all cases.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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Capsule removal

I remove the capsule most of the time. If it is soft and the patient just wants the implant out, I usually just remove the implant. If it is thick or related to other problems, then I remove it.

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Removal of the Breast Implant Capsule

In my opinion it is advisable to remove the capsule for a couple of reasons.  The first is that retention of the capsule creates a space for fluid collection.  Secondly, removal allow the creation for raw surfaces internally to get the pocket to close and remain closed. Thus no space for fluid to collect (back to point #1).  It is not unreasonable for leave the portion of the capsule that is adherent to the chest wall if the implants were placed beneath the muscle. 


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Breast Implant explantation

In my practice I remove the capasule all the time when explanting breast implants.

The reason is if there is capsular contracture then the capsule is thick. It may not stick together and fill with fluid (seen it). partial adherance may cause breast deformity.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Remove Breast Implants and Capsulectomy?

Thank you for the question.

Although I cannot provide you with precise advise without direct examination and do not feel comfortable contradicting a board certified plastic surgeon who has had the benefit of examining you,  some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

 If I am removing breast implants for a patient and find that the breast implant capsules are soft/pliable,  I do not remove them. If on the other hand, the breast implant capsule is thickened or calcified,  I do suggest capsulectomy at the time of breast implant removal. I do not want the patient to be able to feel the hardened scar tissue and/or have it confuse mammography readings in the future.

 You may want to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and ask him about the reasoning/rationale behind his recommendations.

 Best wishes; hopefully, you will be pleased with the outcome of the planned procedure.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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