I Have Capsule Formation and an Internal Rupture, Without Insurance What Are my Rights?

My implants are made by Nagor (the only British make)they introduced a lifetime warranty in Jan 2009, my implants were done in Jan, 2006, nobody offered me insurance or a warranty, I need to have the ruptured one removed as it is causing me pain, but I cannot afford to pay for removal or to have another breast augmentation, so I am in a dilemma about what to do?..

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Using Breast Implants without Warranty

The largest breast implant manufacturers in the US Mentor and Natrelle (Allergan formerly called Inamed or McGhan) provide a lifetime warranty ; when the implants leak they will provide you with another pair of free implants. 

Wth the bad news about the French implant company PIP , no other implant manufacturer wants bad publicity.  Ask your Plastic surgeon to spek with his Nagor representative andcak for a free new pairs for you. There's no reason why they should not give you a free pair especially when they compete with two much larger and competitive breast implant companies. I'm sure the UK representatives for Natrelle and Mentor would be willing to step in and take Nagor's position if the only the only cost was matching Nagor's breast implants cost and giving you a free pair. Speak with your surgeon and ask him to help you. 

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British Implants Ruptured

Call the customer Service department of the manufacturer and see if they will help you. It's quite possible they might.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Implant complication

In the US, implants have a lifetime replacement warranty and, if they need to be exchanged, the companies will supply a new implant but do not pay for the cost of the surgery. Unfortunately, this is an acknowledged risk of the procedure which you assumed. Perhaps you should inquire whether the National Health Service will permit removal at no cost to you.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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