Capsule contracture getting worse?

Boggled by this. 9 mos post op had tenderness in L-breast. Thought over did at gym or period. Had a week, then overnight was hard as rock & noticibly higher thanRight. PS said CC.Started Singulair,Vit E,Fish oil wkly ultrasound massage. Using heatpad, massage myself, icyhot. Capsule is all way around breast. Loosens slightly when massage & then returns rock hard.It hurts to wear a bra or move my arms.After 2 weeks no improvement. Is there any hope? Should I forgo all this and just do surgery?

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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It really comes down to how much it bothers you, some people like having capsular contracture because it holds the implant up

Capsular contracture

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Without photos it is hard to say what is going on but if your PS says it is capsular contracture it undoubtedly is. If conservative measures have failed then you are probably a candidate for further surgery.

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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