Capsularraphory on R Breast Due to Bottom Out, One Week After I Fell with Immediate Discomfort, Could Internal Stitches Tore?

I had capsularrophy on R breast due to bottoming out laterally and implant slipped below inframammory fold. I had virtually no pain after capsularraphory surgery except for the first two days. One week after the surgery I tripped and caught myself instinctually on the wall with my right hand and I had immediate discomfort. Could I have torn my internal sutures? No swelling, no popping sounds or warmth no pain med needed. Just lateral discomfort radiating down incision underneath breast.

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Worried about capsulorrhaphy integrity

If your shape has not changed and there are no changes on the skin such as swelling, then nothing serious has probably happened.  But as others have said, you should keep your surgeon in the loop and see your surgeon for follow-up.

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Capsularraphory on R Breast Due to Bottom Out, One Week After I Fell with Immediate Discomfort, Could Internal Stitches Tore?

Thanks for your question. Without an exam it will not be possible to advise you of the likelihood of having injured yourself. If the shape still looks ok, an injury is unlikely, because the sutures are what are supporting the implant position. 

A visit to your surgeon is the best way to get reassurance. Good luck. 

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Capsulorraphy Disruption after Revisionary Breast Surgery and Fall?

I am sorry to hear about the fall after surgery. As you can imagine, despite good intentions, online consultants will not be able to provide you with meaningful advice or reassurance. Only in person  follow-up with your plastic surgeon will be helpful to you in this regard. Having said that, most patients who suffer a similar “trauma” after surgery, do not sustain enough force to break sutures used during capsulorrhaphy surgery.

 Best wishes for an otherwise uneventful recovery and long-term outcome that you are pleased with.

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Pain in breast

I would suggest letting your plastic surgeon check you and see if everything is in the proper place. He/she would be the best judge if anything was torn.

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