I Will Under Go a Capsular Reléase on Saline Implants 380 Cc' S and Will Exchange to Silicone but I Don' T Know if 500 or 550?

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Volume vs. Cup size

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Your surgeon will have to decide at surgery whether 500 or 550 cc is best for you.  It is possible that may not be able to accommodate 550.  However, the difference between the 500 and 550 is 1/2 or quarter cup size, which will make very little difference in your final physical appearance.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Implant size selection

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The size selection depends on your goals.   For you, I would utilize Dimensional Planning to make recommendations for your implant, keeping in mind your overall size goals.

Dimensional planning – The measurements of your chest wall are taken. Also, the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast form the basis of dimensional planning. Based on these measurements, the implant size is recommended. This will give you a unique breast implant that is suited for your body frame. Even your fitness levels and other relevant criteria are taken into consideration. It is you who will decide what you are comfortable with. However, there are some limitations of what size we can recommend. For instance, some implants may just be too big for a narrow chest wall. Your surgeon can review this with you during the consultation.

Hope this helps.

Implant exchange

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In my opinion the difference between 500 and 550 isn't much.  In either case, however , you are going to be pretty large, most likely a D cup.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing the implant size

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Without an exam, it is impossible to tell you what size implants would be best for you.  A thorough exam and a discussion of yoru goals is key.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What size for new implants

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I am constantly surprised how many questions we get on this site where patients are trying to figure out what size implants to get. That choice needs to be left to the expert, your surgeon. You tell your surgeon what look you want or better yet show him photos. He'll figure out during surgery what size implant under your tissues gives the look you are after.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

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