Capsular Contracture?

I am at exactly 3 weeks post op.this is my 2nd BA.I went under the partial unders, silicone, through the about a week out my left breast felt firm & was tight.(again 2nd surgery no cutting of the muscles was needed)I have repeatedly massaged my breast but the left one still feels very hard but only when laying down.When standing up it is very soft & you cannot see any difference in shape or size. when I lay down or lift my arm above my head it tightens up into a ball.Is this CC?

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Breast Revision

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Have an exam by your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and evaluate your options.  CC is a real problem, and care has to be taken into account when a new procedure is proposed.

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Early in Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Without examining you I wouldn't be able to say "for sure" what is going on but I also think that it may be too soon for you to be having capsular contracture.  Go and see your surgeon and allow him/her to examine you to see what would be best for you at this time.

Muscle spasms not capsular contracture

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You are too early to have a cc but not to have muscle spasms.  Talk with your doctor and maybe take some muscle relaxants prescribed by them.

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