Am I Getting Capsular Contracture Again ?

I had my 3 rd breast implant 4-28-11. 2 weeks ago 450 cc smooth round high profile gel under my muscle. My last 2 breast implant i had capsular both side . my doctor put on drain for 4 days nd i am taking Zafirlukast 20 mg X2 days nd vitamin E 400 i.u X 2 days and i started massage on 5 th days of surgery for 4 times a day and lots of pray to God not to get capsular again. they are compeletely asymmetrical nd uneven they look soft when i touch but still firm . Thank you for answering .

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Recurrent capsular contracture

It would be very difficult to know if you are going to develop a recurrent capsular contracture two weeks after surgery.  You should follow up regularly with your plastic surgeon (discuss how often with your surgeon), who would be the best person (other than you) to monitor the status of your implant capsules.  

Good luck.

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Recurring capsular contracture

It sounds like you have done everything to help combat a recurring capsular contracture. Still we know that the capsule rate is about 50%. Capsules can occur anytime usually in the first year or two. Hope you are one of the half that will stay soft. Your result looks great so far.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Two weeks after surgery would be very early for a recurrent capsular contractur

Two weeks after surgery would be very early for a recurrent capsular contracture.  Try to relax and give it time. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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