Capsular Contracture

eight years ago I had augmentation and lift done that resulted in a capsectomy on my left breast, which dropped immediately after. Well I just went and had them replaced with another lift as well dr insisted. It ended up my right breast not dropping and four month later having a capsectomy on my right breast. It has now been a week since then and my right breast is still super high hasn't moved. Can I use a strap to push it down? Iv been massaging because it is hard as a rock and no pain at all.

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Capsular contracture, breast surgery

It has been only one week, so it is possible to massgae the breast down so to speak; but not knowing what was done, and what your surgeon's intentions were, it is impossible to advise you to do this. You should check, and find out.

That being said, capsular contracture is a dificult problem for surgeon to prevent and treat. A perfectly executed surgery with excellent postoperative care, can still result in capsular contracture. Predicting and managing scar tissue, even with surgery, is out of anyone's control. Certain precautions can be used, such as meticulous technique, and antisepsis to prevent infection; however, actual control of scar tissue to any significant degree is still one of the great Holy Grails, so to speak, in not only plastic surgery but all of surgery.

Good Luck!

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Implant position after caspulectomy (capsular contracture)

The goal of the your right capsulotomy/capsulectomy was to bring the implant down in a lower position which I would assume was to bring balance with the left side. Barring some swelling that may be present early on, you should be able to notice the more appropriate position of the implant immediately. If it is still sitting too high, then I would contact your surgeon immediately. Regarding massage and a superior strap, both can certainly be of some benefit if recommended by your surgeon.

William F. DeLuca Jr, MD
Albany Plastic Surgeon
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Implant position after caspulectomy

In terms of using bands, that is doctor specific. Some recommend them and others do not. You should ask your doctor what he suggests.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implant still high after capsulectomy

I would first discuss this with your plastic surgeon before undertaking excercises on your  own. The surgeon may prefer to have it higher at first or may have placed sutures to achieve this intentionally (caspulorrhaphy)

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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