Is It Possible to Have Capsular Contracture So Soon?

Its been 14 days since my surgery, silicone implants over the muscle with a crescent and crease left on one side. My recovery has been excellent but as of today when I breathe deeply I feel a tightness on the left as well as a stitch as if I had been running and if I tip forward the implant tends to pull tightly at the suture site. I haven't felt this until now so I am worried as I know its a higher risk factor when going over the muscle.

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Tightness early after breast surgery

Some tightness is normal as the body accomodates to the implants and the soft tissues around them stretch.  If concerned, then I suggest speaking to your surgeon.

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Capsular contracture happens later, usually

You are still very early in recovery, and swelling and tightness can fluctuate.  This is normal.  Increasing tightness, pain, swelling, or redness ( to list a few things) should prompt you to contact your surgeon.  I tell my patients to do gentle stretching and massage to help tightness, and I typically prescribe a muscle relaxer like Robaxin.  Ask your surgeon if any of these things might be right for you.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Capsular contracture is a phenomenon that we dont really understand but it does happen, it is so rare to happen so soon after surgery though

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Capsular Contracture at 14 Days?

    Sensations of tightness in the skin envelope and breast in the first few weeks after breast augmentation is to be expected and should not be interpreted as capsular contracture.  If there are concerns for capsular contracture and the breasts feel hard, the plastic surgeon should examine you.  Capsular contracture is progressive, whereas swelling and tightness should resolve.

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Contracture at 2 weeks postop?

Thanks for your post. Capsular contracture 2 weeks post-op would be extremely rare as the capsule has just barely formed. Tightness after surgery is most likely caused by muscle spasms or normal postoperative tightness after surgery. Talk top your PS when you can. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Capsular contracture timing.

Capsular contracture is secondary to scar formation around the implant. At two weeks, you are unlikely to have a significant amount of scar tissue, and certainly not enough for a contracture. However, it is normal to have significant tightness and pulling sensations in the early postoperative time period. Be sure to follow the postoperative instructions and if something is alarming, contact your plastic surgeon.

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Capsular Contracture

There are all sorts of odd sensations patients describe after surgery, and each person's course is unique. Nothing that you are describing sounds alarming, and nothing suggests symptoms or signs of capsular contracture. Your best resource for postop questions is your surgeon, who knows exactly what was done, and has examined you, and is in a position to see you if the need arises.

Thanks, and best wishes.

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Tightness post aug

This is not uncommon and you need to be patient and wait.I usually will have my patients massage their breasts post op to maintain siftness.

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This all sounds like normal healing. The swelling needs to resolve and that takes time. Please continue with your follow up visits

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Early Capsular Contracture?

Hi klh,

I always recommend notifing your PS as soon as a concern arises.

Having said that, it is much too early to be thinking capsular contracture.Did the left breast have the crescent/crease lift? If so, that would be the likely reason for the tight sensation.

Thanks for your question!


Stephen M. Lazarus, MD
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