Capsular-contracture a Week After Gel Implants?

I went into get implants then as I was having surgery the implant popped as the doctor was putting it inside me is it the doctors fault, I ended up getting capsular-contracture a week later?

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The body would have a hard time developing a capsule in one week.


Developing a capsule after an implant is placed is normal.  A capsule contrature is a capsule that has become too thick and too tight.  It may take the body up to 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation to form a normal breast capsule and longer to develop a capsule contracture.  It would seem that one week would be an insufficient amount of time to develop a capsule contracture.  Posting a photo may help expand the discussion as to what you think may be a capsule contracture.

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Implant brokew

I would assume he put a new implant in.To get a capsule that is harf one week later is unusual but not the doctors fault.I woiuld massage and leave well enough alone for now to see if it resolves. 

Robert Brueck, MD
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Capsular contracture after one week

The process of getting a pathologic breast capsule usually takes months or longer.  It will not happen generally speaking a week after the first breast augmentation is performed.  The healing process for a breast implant will take months.   Most likely what you are experiencing is the process of healing.  It is normal for some breasts to be high, hard, firm and tight during the first month or so. This will gradually soften.  If you are having warmth, redness, significant asymmetry then please sees your plastic surgeon urgently.

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Anire Okpaku MD FACS


Anire Okpaku, MD FACS
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Reducing capsular contracture risk after breast surgery

Capsular contracture is caused by an abnormal tissue capsule reaction that causes thickening of the fibrous tissue around the implant.  Although there are many causes of capsular contracture, the process is poorly understood.  I would recommend early intervention with your plastic surgeon in order to minimize sequela from capsular contracture.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Capsular contracture after one week??

The capsule is essentially a membrane that forms around the breast implant (or any other foreign body). It is a response of your body and and is your own tissue that grows. It is not an instantaneous response, and takes some time.


I cannot tell on what basis you believe you have a contracture, but I find it unlikely to be the cause of any finding or symptom you have at a mere one week after surgery. Do follow up with your surgeon. 


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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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