Capsular Contracture Recurrence? What Are the Chances? Anything I Can Do to Prevent?

I had revision sx 3 mo's ago to go to smler breast implants went from 2.25cc to 1.50cc. I was diagnosed by my dr that I have capsular contracture of the rt breast. If the implants are removed, does the scar tissue need to be removed? Will this hinder my breasts going back to their normal size? If I have revision to the rt breast, what are the chances I will get capsular contracture again? What can be done to reduce capsular contract. I am torn on what to do.

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Capsular contacture treatment

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If you have a true capsular contracture, you probably need to have the implants replaced and the capsule removed. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the entire capsule. You are also at a higher risk of developing another capsular contracture.

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Return of capsules can be quite high

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Capsular contracture when it sets in may progress, and for those who have developed a tight capsule the recurrence is falrly high, perhaps 50% after a release. If you are uncomfortable and choose to have your implants removed the capsule does not have to be removed. If you replace the implant the capsule should be removed, or a new pocket created to give the revision a fresh start.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Capsule contracture is not perfectly underatood

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Hello, Capsule contracture following breast augmentation is not well understood. When it occurs it can be mild or progress to more severe forms. It is graded from grade 1 which is slightly firmer to grade 3 which is painful and distorted. Some patients stop at grade 1 others progress to grade 2 or three and we do not understand why. A mild and stable capsule contracture can be treated with capsulotomy which is opening or releasing of the capsule with or without implant exchange. More severe forms of capsule contracture really warrant full capsulectomy and implant exchange. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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