Capsular Contracture? Why Does One Breast Feel Tight/Hard?

I had BA 09 May 2012-550ccs smooth under muscle.I had no pain-just uncomforatable.I am right handed.My left breast was more swollen than right, so much that I thought 2 different sizes were used-which is not the case.Swelling gone,but left breast still tight&hard-feels like the muscle contracting.My PS does not recommend massage.I did massage lightly,but hurts if done on left,hurst incision as well.Could it be CC/hematoma?

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Differences between breasts after BA

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550cc implants are on the larger side. If one of your breasts was really twice as larger as the other, I suspect that you had a hematoma. Hematomas can lead to capsule contracture. If you had a hematoma it also may have changed into a seroma. If you have a seroma it would make that breast much more firm. An ultrasound test is an easy, relatively inexpensive, non-painful test which could check it out. If there is a seroma it might be able to be drained easily with a needle. I'm not saying you have any of this but you should discuss it with your surgeon. I generally recommend early massage and high dose Vitamin E in order to reduce capsule contracture. 

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