Seroma and Fat Necrosis From Silicone Gel Under Muscle Implants, Is Implant Removal Necessary?

hi iI had mastopexy with silicone gel implants in dec 390cc unders, shortly after I had a seroma and fat necrosis, ever since op I have had pain in breast and when seroma was released it took 6 wks for incision to close completely. The surgeon mentioned that it was a tight fit to place 390cc implant in pocket and I cannot lie on that side. I have avoided returning to see her as I think the next step would be removal of implant. theres also a large dent underneath breast help!

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Remoaval of Breast Implants Necessary?

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Thank you for the question but your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you, given your  complex  history. I would suggest you follow up with her.  Physical examination  will be critical in the decision-making  and planning process.

Nothing in your description necessarily mandates removal of the breast implants. Personally, I would not be in any hurry to undergo revision breast surgery,  unless there is some urgency to do so. Generally, it may be wise to allow the areas of fat necrosis to fully delineate;  hopefully they are remote from the breast implants.

Again, I think it is in your best interests to follow up with your plastic surgeon and/or seek additional  opinions  in person if necessary.

Best wishes.

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