Capsular Contracture Surgery Gone Wrong? (photo)

I was a 32A 10 years ago and had saline implants under the muscle done. I expected to be a B+ C-, I was a D. about 5 years later I developed the capsular contracture. My surgeon is no longer performing surgeries. So, new doc did surgery Dec 21, 2012. The "new" implant is huge, heavy and painful. She told me today that she put the new implant in a new "pocket" and cut below my natural fold (there was nothing wrong with my first fold, why?. Doc said it is fine. There is something wrong! What do ido

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Two weeks after surgery is too early to become alarmed about volume asymmetry after breast augmentation.

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The photo demonstrates the right breast appearing somewhat larger than the left. This could easily be explained by postoperative swelling. Be patient.

Capsular Contracture Surgery Gone Wrong?

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Over the internet very hard to respond to these concerns. Best advise is to seek second opinions in person. 

Surgery gone wrong?

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Your right breast is certainly larger than your left. This could be due to early swelling, a larger implant than the original, or post operative fluid collection (seroma). At this point I would simply let your surgeon know your concerns and follow instructions. If the asymmetry continues past 6 months than your surgeon may need to revise, usually done without additional surgeon charges.

Breast asymmetry

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The right breast does look larger. At this point it is a wait and see issue. Things have to heal and after 3-4 months you can have a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implants are Too Big

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Obviously, there is a good deal of miscommunication occurring.  You should clearly state your desires and listen to see if the doc's plan meets your goals.  Currently, you should allow this to settle over the next several months.  Your implants can be downsided and a lift performed if you decide you want to undergo another surgery.

Dr. ES

Right Breast Larger than Left

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   Your right breast is much larger than your left.  Was it larger before surgery?  Did the breast become larger a couple of days after surgery?  I would be concerned about some type of fluid collection (hematoma or seroma), if the size changed in the postoperative period.  If none of these things are true, was a much larger implant placed on the right side? 

See your surgeon about the pain

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Since you are still early on in your recovery, you are probably experiencing some swelling that should subside over the next few months. I would recommend seeing your surgeon about the pain then following your surgeon's care instructions. In about 4 months or so, you can then reassess your results. If you don't like them, please return to your surgeon.

Concerns after Breast Revisionary Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you have after revisionary breast surgery. At this point, given that you are only about a month out of surgery, it will be in your best interests to continue to exercise patience and to continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, only time will tell whether the breast symmetry will improve and whether you will be pleased with the breast size/shape/symmetry.

 Best wishes.

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