Capsular Contracture Happened Again

In 2003 I had BA done. within 6 months developed hardening on rt breast. In 2005 the breast got harder so I got capsulectomy. Lt breast dropping alot too so suture placed to correct pocket. rt breast is perfect but now left has CC. will it happen again? I also had drain tube on rt breast post op.

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Options for treating recurrent capsular contracture

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Although we are developing a better understanding of the causes of capsular contracture, it remains a problem for many patients. The most effective treatment is usually capsulectomy and a new implant. Often however removing the scar capsule results in too little tissue to cover and support the implant, even under the muscle. A very good option in this case might be to consider a graft of Strattice, which appears to be effective at preventing recurrent CC as well as supporting the implant. More info here:

Capsular contracture

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Capsular contracture can be treated, however it is impossible to predict whether it will happen again.  It may.

Recurrent capsules

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This is truly a problem in plastic surgery and there is no way to predict when or which side it will occur.  If we knew who was going to form one we obviously wouldn't operate on them.  There are all sorts of techniques available but no one guarantees any!

Some things I have tried include changing the implant, changing the pocket location, an adjustible implant to stretch the capsule, use of a drain and agressive pocket expansion exercises.  The implant must be fully mobile when the surgeon places the implant.

Although I have not used the new form stable (gummy bear shaped implants) they may be an answer to you problem.  Good luck.

Recurrent breast implant capsular contracture

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The good news is that your problem is treatable. The bad news is that is is impossible to predict the development of CC. In your instance it is probably, depending on you and the surgeon, to proceed with implant removal and replacement and capsulectomy or a neopectoral pocket.

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