What Are The Early Signs of a Capsular Contracture? I'm 3 Weeks Post Op With A Golf Ball Size Feeling.

I had my ba done 3 weeks ago and my breast feel really firm and tight. My concern is when I lay down or make certain movements I feel I tight pull and a ball like feeling in my breast. My breast haven't dropped yet...but they seem to feel tighter than last week. I had a submuscular procedure. I cannot sleep on my side due to this feeling. Can this be an early sign of cc? My doctor didn't mention anything about taking vitamin e? Should I start to prevent? Golf ball size feeling- hard Thanks.

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Symptoms describing early in post operative period following breast augmentation unlikely to represent capsular contracture

At 3 weeks following a breast augmentation, your muscles and skin may still feel quite tight, the extent to which would depend on multiple factors including the relative and absolute size of the implant, your skin elasticity and even your muscle tone and thickness. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you are experiencing the early stages of capsular contracture by what you have described which is further supported by the symmetrical nature of your symptoms.

Nevertheless, at your next visit, discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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What do that the implants feel like three weeks after breast augmentation?


Thanks for your question

At three weeks after surgery it is still common to feel very tight, high and, even swollen. It is usually about this time that patients are just beginning to notice the implants start to drop and settle.

While it is unlikely that you have a capsular contracture at this early stage discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and he or she can recommend massaging to make sure you're going down the right path.


Best wishes

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Capsular Contractures don't happen immediately

Although capsular contractures following breast augmentation  can occur just about anytime, most women start having symptoms around three months after their breast implant surgery. This is because it takes some time for a capsule to form and then to scar down (contracture). Therefore it is probably too early at 3 weeks to be concerned about this problem. Your signs and symptoms are most likely from muscle spasm although other factors could also cause this. Your plastic surgeon should be able to sort this our in short order.

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Early signs of capsular contracture

Since you are only 3 weeks post-surgery, it is unlikely that you are experiencing capsular contracture.  The "tight" feeling may be the stretching of your muscles and surrounding tissues.  Also, it may take up to 6 weeks for your implants to "drop" and "settle."  However, I would suggest that you discuss these sensations with your plastic surgeon.  He or she can examine you and ascertain for sure whether there are any issues that are of concern.  I would also discuss the vitamin E with him or her first before starting it.  To my knowledge, there is no definitive evidence that vitamin E prevents capsular contracture, and there are risks associated with it's use in high doses (just like any medication).  Good luck!

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Capsular contracture 3 wks postop

It is difficult to know what this golf ball sized lump around the area of your breast augmentation is.  It really should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon so that it can be addressed.  Most of the other symptoms you describe may be normal but other issues could be occurring such as an implant leak, a collection of blood or fluid, migration or rupture of some muscle fibers, or even a retained foreign body.  However, what you describe could be also be normal.  I would not hesitate to get another followup with your doctor just to make sure.  Good luck.

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Early capsular contracture

At three wekks post breast augmentation, things are porbably tight becuase the muscle and/or soft tissue has not stretched out. Give it some time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Early Signs of Capsular Contracture?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, without direct examination it is not possible to know what the “golf ball"  like feeling  that you who are experiencing is.  Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to advise you.

Generally, early encapsulation  presents with slight firming of the breast implants to palpation.  This may be confusing because breast implants may also feel firmer went pectoralis  muscle contraction that increases as patients become more active.

I would suggest  following up with your plastic surgeon (request an earlier appointment if necessary)  for direct examination and (hopefully) reassurance.

Best wishes.


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