Capsular Contracture Correction and Radiation

What are my options to correct the capsular contracture and the chances of a good result? I've read that having had radiation, replacing, or removing the breast implants might not solve or might worsen the problem. With radiation, could the contracture have occurred even without the implants?

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Radiation increases the risk of capsular contracture

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Radiation makes it very common to have capsular contracture with implants. You might want to explore some tissue-based reconstructive options in this case as the contracture will likely recur.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Breast radiation places you at a higher risk for capsular contracture

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Breast readiation, although life-saving, can increase the risk of capsular contracture. The occurence of capsular contracture is unpredictable at times but there are steps we take to try to minimize it. This involves meticulous handling of the implant, irrigation of the pocket, antibiotics, post-operative massage, etc. Some plastic surgeons advocate Vit E as well although there are no good medical studies to support this. The best option for a first time capsular contracture after conservative measures have been unsuccessful is surgery. The risk of reoccurence does exist though. I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

Contracture and Breast Implants

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Once you have developed capsular contracture, the chances are increased for contracture again after surgery. Now radiation definitely increases your chances and patients who have implants and are radiation invariably have some type of contracture.
I wouldnt say it can worsend the problem, certainly it can worsen but unlikely. Also depends on what type of contracture, if it is a grade IV, which is the worse, it can only get better.
Hope that helps.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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