Capsular Contracture, Breast Lift and Placement?

Diagnosed with grade 3 cc in both breasts and have been advised to have a breast lift due to mild sagging caused by pregnancy. Have a small amount of natural tissue (A cup). Currently have small silicone implants over the muscle. PS has advised full capsule removal, new implants placed over the muscle and breast lift. I'm upset as I wanted to change to `under the muscle`,but PS says the risk of double bubble is too high even with a breast lift...are certain people prone to double bubble? Thanks.

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Capsular contracture and implant position change

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I am not sure why your surgeon is telling you that, but under the muscle has been shown to have a lower capsular contracture rate and better for upper pole soft tissue coverage.

Release of capsular contracture can obviate the need for a mastopexy.

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Your breast may look droopy because of the artificial support of the prosthesis due to capsular contracture. If a capsulectomy is performed and new implants are placed the need for a mastopexy may not be there. Moving the implants from one site to a different one for capsular contracture is a legitimate operative strategy.

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