Can Capsular Contractor Effect Any Other Part of the Body Once You Have Gotten It with Your Implants?

I had capsular contractor. It was corrected in 2005 with surgery. I am not wondering if the capsular contractor can effect any other part of the body besides the implant?

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Capsular contracture and its effect

A capsular contracture is specifically what forms around an implant and causes tightness. It does not affect other body areas.

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Capsular contracture

There is no evidence to suggest that capsular contracture of implants affects any other parts of your body.   Although rare, capsular contracture is a localized inflammatory process.  There are no systemic effects.  Hope this answers your question.


Dr. Basu

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Capsular contracture after breast augmentation

Some people develop scar tissue more aggressively than other people.  If you developed capsular contracture, especially quickly after surgery when there was no other complication, you may be that type person.  Therefore, you may be prone to develop more scar elsewhere in your body after another procedure or injury.  However, I am not aware of any good date that supports that theory but it does seem to happen clinically.

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Capsular contracture issues

To my knowledge there would be no direct relationship between hard scar tissue around an implant and any other part of your body.  The only way I could concoct a relationship might be if the hard scar caused pain which caused you to accomodate for this and maybe stressed another body part as in having altered posture.  But you can see that this is a reach at best...

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