I Think I Have Capsular Contraction and Am Booked to See my Surgeon in 2 Weeks...

If I do have this is corrective surgery always neccessary?? Also I have a small lump, could this be a result of capsular contraction or not?

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I Have Capsular Contraction and Am Booked to See my Surgeon in 2 Weeks...

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Generally, CC can increase folding or rippling of an implant and eventually be associated with deformity and pain at the endpoints of the process. Surgery is indicated to minimize this but is at your discretion. The lump needs to be evaluated.

Capsular contracture

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Just because you hav a capuslar contracture does not mean you necessarily have to have surgery. If it bothers you and is painful and the breast is not looking right, than you may want to consider surgery.

Capsular Contracture is NOT a Surgical Emergency

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You may or may not have capsular contracture, or scarring around the breast implant. Capsular contracture renders the implants ball-like round and elevated on the chest wall. In some cases they are associated with pain and a hard time sleeping on the chest.  Regardless, capsular contracture is not life threatening and as annoying as it is it is not a surgical emergency.

You definitely need to consult with your Plastic surgeon and get his advice especially in view of your newly discovered breast lump. Any breast lump should be taken seriously. Although many diagnostic tests are possible, the most useful and most expensive is the MRI. It can suggest to the radiologist if the nodule is part of the capsular contracture or another entity.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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