How Do I Prepare Myself for my Very First Peel? I Ultimately Want to Do the TCA3%.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Japanese living in South Africa. I have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, some acne marks, some lines, and most of all sun damage! (we get a lot of sun here lol!) After researching, I now realize that TCA30% is quite STRONG. So I should start with lighter peels and gradually build up my skin tolerance? Is this true? If so, how many peels should I do before I can ultiimately go for the TCA30% and also which types of light peels must I do? Can I do these lighter ones at home?

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Asian Skin and Chemical Peels

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Asian skin needs to be treated very delicately.  I would definitely not suggest you begin with a 35 percent TCA peel. I suggest you start slowly with the proper sunscreens and Retinols or Retin-a creams and bleaching agents.  It is better that the process take a little longer than you have an adverse side effect.  Find an experienced dermatologist in your area.

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