Juvederm still did not work. Any suggestions?

After yrs. Of fillers, this time at the Drs juviderm filler did not work? Went back 2 weeks later and the Dr. put in more juviderm. Still Did not work? Why? And we're did the juviderm go? Thank you. Linda Lee

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Juvederm filler not working

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First, your skin & wrinkles should be examined by a true skin expert, a dermatologist, who can honestly and accurately tell you whether you're a good candidate for fillers. There are many good fillers on the market, and if the right amount is injected in the right depth and in the right person, the results are incredibly effective, consistent, safe, and natural. Speak to your dermatologist about why juvederm is seemingly not working for you.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Juvederm and Lack of Results

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Without a photo it is impossible to know what is going on.  The best guess would be that you need more volume and you should consider Voluma or a different type of injection such as Sculptra.  Sculptra can provide both the longevity and the volume that you need. Best, Dr. Green

I think you may need a larger quantity injected

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It is unlikely that the Juvaderm would be absorbed in just a few weeks. sometimes, patients need more than just one syringe and thus when you get just the one, it is not enough to make a difference. 
also depending on what you are trying to improve may be the issue. 
for eg you cannot inject any filler into very fine lines. 
without seeing photos of what you are trying to improve, it is impossible to give you any more specific advice.

good luck
david berman md

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Juvederm is not working

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Could be helpful to know were it was injected and some pictures of before and after the injections. You may want to consult with another doctor if it is not working. At some point you need a large amount of product to make any changes depending on your biological age, weight, skin elasticity etc.

Good luck!

Juvederm Did Not Work?

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Based on your history, you have had fillers previously with good results.  Obviously, the hands of time move on and the amount of filler which was once satisfactory is no longer adequate.  This is suggestive of several things: 1) the aging changes you have may benefit from additional filler or an alternative such as Radiesse, 2) fillers do not accomplish the same goals as surgery, and other options such as a facelift could be considered.  The only way to know for sure is to see you in consultation.  Good luck.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm still did not work. Any suggestions?

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Seems like you have had NOTHING but issues with HA fillers. Maybe it is time to try fat grafting................

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