I had my first treatment a few weeks ago and had a discharge following the procedure. My doctor said this was normal.

However, after a few days, the discharged started to smell as if I had an infection. Doctor tested - nothing was wrong. I would like to know if anyone else had developed an odor following the procedure. I am going for my second procedure this week and will bring it up again to my doctor.

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Vaginal discharge is normal and expected.

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The MonaLisa Touch is a fractional CO2 laser it has unique features which creates an ablative then a thermal effect on the vaginal skin. These microinjuries  allows for self vaginal tissue healing leading to the buildup of natural collagen, blood vessels and thicker vaginal skin. Therefore, patients may see vaginal discharge for a few days after the procedure. If there is significant any concerns or bleeding, patient's should always contact their provider. 

Discharge after nonsurgical vaginal laser resurfacing

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Oozing is common after laser peels to the face and less common and less intense, but not unusual after vaginal laser resurfacing. With a negative infection test, you have peace of mind that this is nothing serious. For facial laser peels, we commonly use dilute vinegar soaks to remove debris. For the vagina, a pre-mixed vinegar and water douche (1:1) may help reduce the discharge as a one-time treatment.

Vaginal discharge after CO2 laser

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as stated by the others, this is common after any co2 fractional laser of the vagina. About 10 % of women who have the procedure will notice a slight increase in discharge. Nothing to worry about.

Peter D. Weiss, MD
Beverly Hills OB/GYN

Discharge after vaginal fractional CO2 laser treatments (FemiLift; Mona Lisa Touch)

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While most of the evidence-based data on these therapies involves usage to help with vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness, the therapies are also used in some cases for improving vaginal tone and may improve "tightness."

It is usual that women experience 3-5 days of quite heavy vaginal discharge, frequently pink-tinged, after treatment.  This discharge may take on a modest odor, and is most often normal.  However, if there is pain, discharge lasting > 5 days, cramping, fever, or if you are concerned, best to contact your healthcare provider.

Click below if you wish for in-depth info about FemiLift. For info on MonaLisa Touch, go to their websirte.


Michael P Goodman, MD

Mona Lisa vaginal discharge odor

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Yes it is very normal. As a better blood supply and collagen base is being formed vaginally, normal leukorrhea (vaginal secretions) will form. This may be off putting if your vagina hasn't had leukorrhea for awhile. Some skin sloughing occurs with the laser if which in the non acidified vagina, can become odiferous. Fortunately with collagen remodeling and leukorrhea, the vagina becomes acidified and the odor should resolve on its own.

Andrew Croak, DO
Maumee OB/GYN

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