Credit for Botox, filler & surgical neck lift? (photos)

I'm 62. In 2014 I was rear-ended by huge commercial truck traveling 45MPH. Shattered pelvis, lost teeth, etc. Recovered well in hospital w/many surgeries & at home w/much PT. Pain shows on my face. I look older by 10 years than I did in '14. I'm active! Gym, Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Board, Scuba, Cycling. I'm hoping someone might refer me to a good injector and ALSO explain about credit plans. I can afford to pay back $400/$500 each month. Thanks very much. - Stephanie Goldman

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Financing options

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It is a credit to your determination and willingness to work hard for you to return from these injuries. Fortunately, there are many more options for financing than even a couple of years ago. We work with 8 financing companies and over 30 lenders so there are options for most patients. 

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