Candidate for Invisalign? Okay to go to general dentist? How long of treatment might be necessary? (photos)

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Invisalign will work well by an experienced clinician.

Invisalign in the hands of an experienced dentist or orthodontist will work well to correct your crowding and expand your arches.  You should research dentists and orthodontists in your area then visit a couple of them for a consultation so they can tell you how long it will take and how much the fee will be  

Your treatment

HI, Thanks for sending your question. To answer your question to the point you should know that your crowding of the teeth can be fixed with the invisalign system. Its important to visit a provider in your area who has a lot of experience with this product for optimal outcome and options. All the best,

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Invisalign, E-Cligner, orthodontics or orthopedics

Invisalign can offer improvement though I think the E-Cligner system would be a better choice of clear aligner in you case.  Standard orthodontics on the upper would probably be better with aligners on the lower.

You would be far better off to to do Orthopedics on your maxillat to grow your underdeveloped maxilla.  Epigenetic orthopedics/ orthodontics with the DNA Appliance would certainly be my initial treatment.  following orthopedic growth clear aligners would be easy and give a better final result.

Another excellent approach could be the SARPE procedure, Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary  Expansion and then orthodontics.

I would reject any treatment plans calling for extracting teeth.

This video is a patient early in DNA Appliance therapy.


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