Will my incision ever heal?

I've had two breast augmentations now. My second one got fluid built up and the scar thinned. My dr cut and drained the clear fluid and restitched it. I've had to get it stitched three more times since cause my incision keeps opening and exposing my implant. I've been on oral antibiotics for months. Every time my dr closes my incision again he glues and tapes it. Could this be causing it to not heal due to holding in the moisture? Not sure what else can be done to save my implant.

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Implant exposure

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It sounds like with chronic drainage your implant is likely infected. It might need to be removed at this point to allow the pocket to heal and clear the infection.  Best to follow with your doc.

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Exposed implant

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In my opinion, a chronically exposed implant is probably contaminated at this point and antibiotics may not be able to salvage the situation. An option may be to remove the implant and allow the incision to heal without an infected foreign body nearby. Then, come back after several months and place a new implant. You may need to add some healthier tissues into the area to allow this to heal as well. Best to discuss this with your chosen plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

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