Would I Need a Capsulorraphy?

Looking to downsize about 200-250ccs...I do not need a lift, I am young with pert breasts and have only had.implants less than a year. I think I may need some suturing for an overdissected pocket but do I need a full capsullorhaphy on both sides or will the pocket shrink? Also, does removing the capsule help or hurt when downsizing? I'm looking for an affordable surgeon to perform the revision soon.

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Here is a link to the board certified doctors in your area that are qualified to perform Breast Implant Revision.

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Implant exchange and capsulorrhaphies

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In most cases of downsizing implants and implant exchange, capsulorrhaphy of some form in addition to typically capsulotomy is warranted.  It is unwise to leave it up to the pocket to shrink as it does not.  Pictures would have been helpful, however, generally I prefer using Sientra textured round base anatomical implants in situations like yourself to avoid breast/nipple areolar complex droopiness.

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Capsulorrhaphy is probably required.

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If you replace your implants with smaller implants the pocket will be too big and you do not want the implants to hide on the side of your chest.  I have not seen a situation like yours where a capsulorrhaphy is not needed.  Choose your surgeon well and you should do fine.


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Without pictures, it is impossible to comment. If the pocket is over dissected (which is your assumption here), then capsulorrhaphy is advisable but each case is a thing unto itself. See a board certified plastic surgeon in your area in consultation.

Would I Need a Capsulorraphy

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If indeed you have pockets which are already overdissected, and you are decreasing your implant size by that amount, you would probably do well to have capsulorrhaphy, Without an in person evaluation or at least some photos, this is conjecture. 

You need to discuss with your surgeon. As a rule, you cannot expect the pocket to shrink on its own as long as an implant is present.

Thanks for your question. Best wishes.

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