Could Fatty Necrosis Occur 2 Years Post Breast Reduction Surgery?

Right breast lump - diagnosed as fatty necrosis.

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Fatty necrosis after 2 years

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A lump in the breast that was biopsied as fatty necrosis most likely was there after your breast reduction. Any new lump should be evaluated properly.

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Fat necrosis after breast reduction - not 2 years later

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Fat necrosis occurs from inadequate blood flow to the tissues.  It happens at the time of the surgery and evolves over a few months, but it does not start 2 years later. So any new hard lumps in the breast 2 years after a breast reduction need immediate exam and mammography to be sure they don't represent a breast cancer.

Breast Lump 2 years after surgery

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There is not enough information here to make any good assessment. Clearly an examination of the breast is the right first step. If the lump has been present since the surgery I would be less concerned than if has developed recently. If it is new you should probably have a mammogram.

The best advise is to see your doctor and have the lump properly evaluated.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon

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