Should I be concerned? What should I do?

I recently had sex after not having sex for about 6 months. It hurt so bad, I could not continue. It did nor hurt when the penis actually went in me but as it was going in. Since then, I've started itching here and there and discharging white stuff. I looked at my vagina today (opened it). It did not look normal; however, I'm not sure what an actual open vagina looks like. There looks like there are bumps or lumps in the vagina opening. Should I be considered? What do I need to do ?

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Go see your gynecologist

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It seems that you have a gynecologic issue that warrants an evaluation by your gynecologist. A thorough pelvic exam and perhaps infection testing will likely establish a diagnosis and guide appropriate treatment.

Painful intercourse

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Thank you for your question but is impossible to give you a clinical opinion based on which you gave us as a history. I would recommend following up with your gynecologist and being evaluated. Painful intercourse can be due to many different factors and therefore needs to be addressed within in office evaluation.
feel better!

Why did sex hurt?

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You should be evaluated by your gynecologist. There are a lot of issues to address in such a complaint.  Obvious ones include infections or atrophy.  Less obvious possibilities include endometriosis or ovarian cysts or prolapse.  You may need STD screening or an ultrasound.  Certainly a physical exam and history are  a good start.  Good luck. 

Itching & pain after sex- what to do??

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Could be normal, could be a yeast infection, could be a STD. IMPOSSIBLE to say without an in-person evaluation. See your Gyn or PCP...


Michael P Goodman, MD

You should see your Gynecologist

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Hello pinkpenguins1 from GA,

You provide limited information about your medical history to answer specifically. In general, any woman experiencing painful intercourse followed by an abnormal discharge should have an evaluation by their gynecologist of family doctor. While this isn't an emergency you should be seen soon while symptoms are present.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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Should I be concerned? What should I do?

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your episode of painful sex.  Without the benefit of a full series of photographs or an in-person exam it is difficult to offer definite recommendations regarding the appearance of your vagina and I would recommend you see your ob/gyn for an examination.  They can provide you with reassurance or offer you treatments if needed.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Hi, you may have a yeast infection or some general irritation of the tissues. Bumps can be normal but you should go see your Gyn or Family Dr. 

Best of Luck

Dr Robert D Moore 

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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Not enough information

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Dear PinkPenguin:

thanks for sharing, however you really don't give us enough information as to your condition.  Because you posted under vaginoplasty I assume you had a vaginoplasty in the past.  But perhaps this is not a correct assumption.  If you had a vaginoplasty in the past and are just now getting around to having sex then you need to be reevaluated by your treating surgeon.  If you have had a recent vaginal delivery and had a tear that was fixed then you need to be evaluated by your treating gynecologist or someone who understands pelvic floor surgery.  Is it possible you had a mesh operation in the past for urine leakage or prolapse then again please see a healthcare provider for an evaluation.   In other words if you have had a recent surgery or procedure then you need to be evaluated by a urogynecologist or gynecologist.

On the other hand if you just have not had sex for 6 months it could be just due a number of reasons including: fear, anxiety, dryness, a new partner, a very large partner, inadequate foreplay (i.e. dryness), a yeast infection, and various other types of sores and infection.  Either way you may want to attempt one more time and if the experience is the same then go for an evaluation by your gyn.

John R Miklos MD
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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