I'm just curious how/why some plastic surgeons use high profile & some use moderate profile on women that have had kids? (photo)

I'm a mother of 3 children and am a size 34B. My PS is planning on doing 375-400cc smooth round moderate profile for me. I completely trust his decision. But what does it boil down to? Is it their body/breast shape and/or the amount droopiness they have? I have seen amazing results on mothers with moderate profile. My biggest fear is that I'm not going to get enough lift from the implants alone since I'm not having a lift. By the way, my PS did not even recommend a lift with breast augmentation.

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Breast Implant Profiles

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The choice of whether to use a moderate or high profile implant has no relationship to whether or not you have had children.  Even the amount of droopiness has little to do with profile choice in my opinion.  The most important consideration in making the profile choice is the dimensions of your chest.  Essentially, we want to choose an implant that is neither too wide nor too narrow for your chest.  If the implant is too wide it will protrude from the side of your breast and look unnatural.  You will also have little of your breast tissue to cover the implant if it extends beyond the width of your breast.  On the other hand, an implant that is too narrow with not adequately fill out your breast and can result in a wider cleavage and a cosmetically unacceptable result as well. In theory a higher profile implant may give minimally more elevation to the nipple but in reality this is no substitute for a lift if it is indicated.

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Implant selection for women with children

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Thanks for your question and photographs.  In my practice, decision on implant shape, size and profile are based on examination, measurements and a discussion about the desired outcomes from breast augmentation. Its difficult to make a decision based on photographs alone but subject to findings at examination I would probably recommend a breast lift with implants to lift your breasts back up your chest wall.  Small implants will help to restore the lost volume in your breasts and achieve upper pole fullness.  That said, if you have had a comprehensive examination and you feel comfortable with the choices you have made with your PS then you should be happy with the proposed outcomes.

I'm just curious how/why some plastic surgeons use high profile & some use moderate profile on women that have had kids? (photo

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The style of implant has NOTHING to do with child bearing! But yes you need a donut lift at a minimum.....

To lift or not to lift

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If your desires are for a breast mound that is higher on your chest wall than it is currently, I would recommend the lift.  From the photos I agree with your surgeon that simply an augmentation will look nice.  However, it may not be the look you desire and you should explain this to your surgeon.  

What profile of implant should I have

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When it comes to breast augmentation, there are several important issues to address. The first and most important is what does the patient wants her results to look like when she is finished. The best way for me to evaluate what surgery a patient needs, is based upon a picture of what she would like her final results to look like. I always have patient show me a picture of desired results. This helps me to give them that result and helps them to know what they will look like postop. That picture is the blueprint and allows the surgeon to best determine which implant will give the patient the desired result. Regarding a breast lift, it is very rare for a patient to not need a lift when the nipple starts at or below the crease. Unless a person gets a very large implant or one that is an anatomic implant with significant lower pole projection, it is impossible to elevate the nipple to the level where most patients want their results. The only way to know if you need a lift or not would be to know what you want your results to look like postop. Whether or not a moderate or high profile implant is used, is determined by desired results.

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I'm just curious how/why

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There are as many answers to this question as there are doctors. Personally, I think the size and shape of the patients own breasts have so much more to do with what the final appearance of the breast is than the projection of the implants that I recommend high profile for all my patients. Patients want breasts that project from the chest wall and are not pancakes. The difference between mod and high profile might be 1cm of projection in a 300cc implant. Put any type of implant behind the natural breast tissue/muscle of a patient and the different types of projection are a barely noticeable difference. I try to simplify the process of picking implants and having to choose between high and mod profile just confuses patients so I pick for them. All these types of implants are done for the MD/patient that wants flexibility that is mostly unimportant. The one exception is for patients that have virtually no breast tissue of their own. In that situation, an anatomical implant makes sense for a more tear drop shape and less a round ball. Good luck

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I'm just curious how/why some plastic surgeons use high profile & some use moderate profile on women that have had kids? (photo)

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I cannot speak for other plastic surgeons, but I base breast implant size/profile recommendations on what breast implant size/profile I feel will best achieve a patient's communicated goals as closely/safely as possible. In other words, patients communicate goals using visual aids such as goal photographs and computer imaging; I  then, based on careful measurements (dimensional planning)  and the use of temporary intraoperative sizes, select the best breast implant size/profile to accomplish the patient's goals. Keep in mind, that you will not really achieve a "lift" with breast augmentation surgery alone. Make sure, that you will be pleased with the results of breast augmentation surgery only;  don't forget to consider the longer-term considerations as well... Best wishes. 

Breast implants type and mini lift ?

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Dear Erin,
   Thanks for submitting your pictures. Congratulations on your decision for breasts augmentation. You are a very good candidate for the procedure however I would like to give you few pointers based on my being 28 years in the practice of plastic surgery and having operated on thousands of breasts augmentation patients. You appear to be 34 small B cup with ptosis level 1 - 2. Smooth round saline implants are the best option for too many reasons to discuss in this session ( I'll be glad to detail them if you will contact my office ) . A mini lift is very advantageous because it will keep you breasts high on the chest which is very attractive, whereas in order to give you perky breasts with implants only, the IMF (infra mammary fold ) will have to be lowered significantly, That will lower your breast position on your chest which is not very attractive. Another disadvantage with lowering the IMF is that the skin at that level is thin and the implants might be palpable or ripple. Finally, with your chest and breasts circumference measurements, the implants that you have selected will make you 34 D cup. It is fine as long as you know and like that size. Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive. Pay special attention to the cleavage area, the perkiness , the symmetry and the natural look.
                    Best of luck,
                                    Dr Widder

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