does Canthopexy eliminate the "white show" and does it slightly raise your cheek area?

Hi, I received an undereye bleph 3 months ago which I am happy with however, my eyelids are now sagging with some "white show" and the left one has sagged unevenly where the corner looks like its flipped out (you can see red flesh from my eye in that corner). The doc will be doing a canthropexy to correct the issue. My question is, does canthropexy make your eyes smaller, does it eliminate the "white show" and does it slightly raise your cheek area? Thanks in advance

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Canthopexy results.

Canthopexy surgey is very exacting and sometimes difficult. Generally the degree of lifting ( of the eyelid not cheek ) and correction is up to the surgeon at the time of the canthopexy. The more the eyelid is lifted the smaller the eye may seem after surgery, however the dynamics are very involved here. The surgeon is always balancing a lateral pull with the uplifting vector to get the proper correction. Ultimately, what has to be done is to get the eyelid to sit at the lower limbus or edge of the pupil and to have a smooth position against the globe without any out turning. This will prevent any drying and/or conjunctivitis along with improving the cosmetic appearance. No it will not lift the cheek.

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Canthopexy reduces white eyelid show lifts the lower eyelid and in some cases can lift the cheek

A properly performed canthoplasty is designed to tighten and lift the lower eyelid especially when the scleral show, or excess white showing happens after blepharoplasty.  Although the eye opening is smaller initially typically the lower eyelid relaxes to a more normal position but this can take 3-4 months.  Leg canthopexy is combined with a muscle tightening procedure called and orbiculopexy the cheek can be lifted as well.


A canthopexy supports the lower lid so you do not have as much "white show" or scleral show. It will not do anything for the cheek, and it can make the eye temporarily appear more almond shaped.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revisional lower eyelid surgery

We usually help your issue of post blepharoplasty increased scleral show with a cheek lift with or without a canthopexy, not a canthopexy alone.

Be very, very careful how you proceed.  

Revisional lower eyelid surgery is very complex and can be hazardous.

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  • The canthopexy result depends on how it is re-positioned.
  • The canthopexy separates the canthal tendon from the bone and re-attached higher up. 
  • It will usually be lifted to what is needed to correct the problem in your case what is needed to lift the lid back to the level of the lower border of the pupil and to bring the eyelid back in contact with the corner of the eye.
  • This should make the eye size normal, not smaller, but it also can create an angle at the side of the eye that makes it slightly smaller. 
  • The lift is not enough to raise the cheek. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Scleral show after lower lid blepharoplasty

Hello Twiller1. Usually when there is canthal rounding and scleral show (white show) this is secondary to a little too much scar tissue dragging the lid down. If your lower lid was weak to begin with then this is much more likely to occur. A canthopexy tightens the lid where your problem is occuring and usually takes care of this problem as long as the scar tissue itself is also broken up. Occasionally a larger operation such as a canthoplasty needs to be performed if the lower lid is really lax. Neither of these truly elevate the cheek soft tissue to a large degree however. Hope this helps.

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