Canthoplexy or Canthoplasty??

Hi. I've asked this question before but I guess in the wrong way. I want my eyes to look more like on the second pic, in order for me to look this way I have to pull my hair or wear a ponytale. Pic one shows you how I look when I don't pull it. Please let me know which procedure is better for me??? Thanks!

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Repositioning of a low lateral canthus

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Ideally the lateral canthus should be 2 mm higher than the medial canthus.  An examination would be needed to see if you actually have a low lateral canthus.  If the canthal insertion is actually low then it is possible that it could be raised to an improved positioning.  A possible correction would include a cantholysis and canthopexy.  

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Would advise you against eyelid surgery.

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The possibility of noticeable asymmetry after bilateral surgery of the canthus regardless of specific technique compels me to advise you against surgery of any kind.

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