Canthopexy Correction. Questions About Choosing a Surgeon?

Had upper & lower blephs w/canthopexy 3 months ago.My PS thinks he needs to do a release on one eye due to lower lid overlapping upper lid at the outer corner.He said he has not done this before but has done similar corrections,that it is a simple procedure.He's very experienced board certified with excellent reputation. Should I be concerned that he has not had the occasion to do this before? Should I instead consider an Ocular PS or someone very experienced with this?I want the best outcome.

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Who should perform eyelid revision?

There are several specialists that have expertise in eyelid surgery, including ABPS-certified plastic surgeons, ABO-certified ENT surgeons, ABFPS-certified facial plastic surgeons, and ABO-certified ophthalmologists with additional training in oculoplastic surgery (certification by ABOPRS). Each of these specialists has different training, and individual practitioners will have even more variation in experience and expertise in your specific concern.

Your original surgeon has the most intimate knowledge of your unique anatomic issues, and may offer the least costly revisionary surgery. This is appropriate only if it accomplishes your goals, since another re-operation by someone else is much more costly (not only in $$ but in time off, etc.) than getting it done "right" this time.

But no surgeon, even one whom you perceive to be better-equipped or trained to deal with your issue, can guarantee a perfect outcome. I would suggest several consultations with different qualified and experienced practitioners, and then weigh the pros and cons of each. Cost is really the lowest item on the list. Best wishes! Dr.Tholen

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Revisional canthoplasty

Canthoplasty or canthopexy is not a risk free procedure.  The outer eye canthus is a delicate structure whereby the upper and lower eyelids meet and is made up of many layers.  There are various canthoplasty procedures, including open and closed techniques, each with advantages/disadvantages.  Recommend seeing an oculoplastic surgeon for proper evaluation and treatment options, especially for revisional canthoplasty.

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Plastic Surgeons are Great.

However very few have the depth of training, skills and experience needs to provide certain services at the level offered by oculoplastic surgeons when it comes to canthal surgery.  But it is critical to understand that once you get yourself into a multi-reoperated situation, even the average oculoplastic surgeon may not be able to assist you.  I strongly recommend looking for ocuplastic surgeons who focus on reconstructing individuals after failed aesthetic surgery.  This is it own subspecialty area that benefits from very specialized and esoteric reconstruction methods.  The good news is that in the right hands, there is a lot that can be done to make things better.  The first step is to stop letting your current surgeon whittle on you-he is out of his league, great reputation or not.

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