Would canthopexy and fat grafting with brow bone shaving possible get me close to this look? (photo)

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Brow bone shaving and canthopexy

I'll answer a few of these questions quickly.

Canthopexy?  Not a good procedure for you.  This is a component of a larger procedure typically that is designed for reconstructive purposes.  It is over used and over average sized and young people and often offers very little results and at worst bad scarring and bad outcomes.

Brow bone shaving is really meant for someone who is well versed in cranial facial surgery and performs fascial contouring by altering the shape of the brow bone cheekbone jawbone etc. frequently.  I cannot tell you if this is beneficial to you from her photographs.

I'm not quite sure where your fat grafting would be done.  I am a fan of fat grafting and I uses frequently but the reports that U here about uneven results or fat that goes away are not false.  Fat grafting does have some significant variability and it and is best left to more experienced hands.

Sorry I could not be of more help

Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Changing eye shape.

The  short answer is no. You have pretty eyes as they are. Leave them alone.      

Toby Mayer, MD
Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Achieving a specific look.

The photos only give a very general idea of what your brows look like and what you are trying to achieve.  It would be best to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a face to face consult and examination so an accurate discussion can be doen to see if your wishes can be achieved.  There is much to be discussed about fat grafting, the pluses and minuses of that as well as altering bone structure under the thin tissues of the eyelids and brow.

I can categorically assure you that you will be profoundly disappointed with these procedures.

You will be the victim of the fog of internet/blog marketing.  These are among the most abused procedures.  Brow bone shaving is a very difficult to control method that can result in irreparable damage to your facial appearance.  Fat grafting is very difficult to control with many, many unsatisfactory results.  Similarly canthopexy is the inexperienced surgeon's canthoplasty.  Neither of these procedures are cosmetic procedures: they are reconstructive procedures.  They will not accomplish what you are looking for.

In looking at the model's pictures and looking at your pictures, the model looks happy.  You don't look happy.  Your mood looks dark and brooding.  This is not fixed with cosmetic surgery.  It gets fixed by dealing with your emotional health.  This is best and most effectively done with a mental health professional.  I can't overstate the importance of feeling good and its impact on your appearance.  

In addition to feeling better about yourself, your models have carefully shaped eyebrows and beautifully applied makeup.  I would stop focusing on having surgery and work on these two things first and see where that takes you.  In your present state, you risk finding a surgeon who will do what you are asking for.  There is a very real and profound risk of being permanently damaged by these procedures.

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