What should I do with my new veneer? (Photo)

I got 8 percelin veneer on my front teeth 10 days ago but unhappy with results, there is a gap between my 2 teeth and also I feel loose on my teeth and problem with biting! What should I do

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Unhappy with porcelain #veneers #DrSoftTouch

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The best thing to do is return to the dentist who placed your veneers to discuss your concerns. Did you approve your veneers before hand? I always recommend okaying your restorations before having them permanently bonded. That way, any necessary changes to shade, shape and fit can easily be made. At this point, any major changes would require your dentist remaking your veneers. I understand that at this point you are probably frustrated but the best option for you is to see you dentist as soon as you can. Believe it or not, dentists want their patients to be happy with their results. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.


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it's important that all patients are happy with their final results .  But without propper treatment planning from the onset, it is not always easy to achieve the results you desire .   I do not know your before aesthetics , and the time frame you were in temporaries .  But our goal in creating new smiles is to not create new problems that did not exist or create a smile with open embrasures at the gum line.   Aesthetics cases can be difficult if you are in temporaries too long because tissue levels change creating unwanted spaces .  If the office does not have an in house ceramist to correct the problems noticed during the Tryin prior to final cementation it is difficult to address the concern without your interaction.   

I would meet with your dentists and discuss your concerns , I'm  sure he will be happy to help you with correcting your problems 

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Unhappy with Porcelain veneers

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What I would suggest is to go back to your dentist and have him check the bite on the back of your front teeth.  If the bite is off, it can make teeth sensitive, loose and create gap.  


Dr. Maddahi

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Unhappy with porcelain veneers, what should I do?

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You should first schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns and see what he is willing to do.  Did he show you the veneers on your teeth before they were permanently bonded, and if so, did you sign off your approval?  My philosophy is that I want my patients to be happy with their results,  If this requires redoing a case to satisfy a valid concern, I will redo at no charge to the patient. If the patient approved the case before permanent placement and then changed their mind,  I may or may not charge a fee depending on if their concerns are reasonable and if I can improve the results by redoing.  Happy patients refer, unhappy patients do not. So it behooves  a dentist to address patient's concerns and be so happy with results that they become a raving fan of their dentist.

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