Why doctor did not give me the crowns in the shape of teeth?

I got the zirconia crowns on tooth # 3 and tooth # 30 in the same day. The crowns have a flat top. No rows, no "hills. When I eat I feel light pain in these teeth. I do not want these crowns. I did not know that the crowns were flat before doctor put them on cement. Should doctor give me the new crowns on no cost for me. I do not want to suffer for the rest of my life.

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Unhappy with same day zirconia crown ... #DrSarahThompson

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I would recommend returning to the dentist to let them know what you dislike about the crown.  It is up to him as to whether he will give you a new crown, but in many cases, the dentist will do this for you without a problem.  The only time that there is a problem is when a lot of time has gone by and then you complain later.  Returning ASAP is your best bet.  Just be really nice and the office will likely try to accommodate you in anyway that they can.  I hope this helps and just click save under my name if you have more questions for me in the future.  Take care.

Flat new crowns

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Zirconia crowns are used often on teeth that don't have much room to prep and still need to have solid occlusion (bite).  The lack of room can sometimes affect the characteristics (hills) and shape of the crown.  I would return to your dentist and discuss your issues with the crowns.  To help prevent future dissatisfaction always ask to see the crown prior to cementing this way change can be made without difficulty.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

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