Am I choosing the right implant? (Photo)

I'm 22, no kids. Have puffy areolas and wide cleavage. Posted question here once and was told needed peri mastoplexy on left. I saw 3 of same DRs that answered on here and they changed mind. All recommended round, HP, smooth, dual plane, inframmary, around 375cc. I want to know which pic I posted is more similar to results I should expect. "Wish pic" is textured, teardrop, above muscle, ~400cc, infram and is my favorite. Other pic is under muscle, HP, round, smooth same cc. Do not like this look

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Am I choosing the right implant?

It's almost unheard of for three plastic surgeons to agree so I think you would be wise to listen to what they said. We do our best to meet patients needs and wants but are at the mercy of the patient's anatomy and how they heal, so it is never possible to guarantee a specific result. The result achieved for the patients with your wish look can only be achieved for you if you have their exact preop anatomy, and of course that never happens. But from your preop photos I think you will get a very nice result.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Realistic expectations

Wish pics help a surgeon with regards to hoped-for size but you have to understand that all implants do is make a bigger version of what you bring to the table. The profile/size of the implant only influence this to a degree. There is likely a reason all three doctors made the same recommendation. Good luck!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon
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