Candidate for Upper Lip Lift?

I have no upper lip. I want to increase the size of my upper lip while decreasing the distance between my nose and my upper lip. Would a Lip Lift be a good option for me?

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Lip lift: bull's horn, gull wing, corner lift? Lots of options but all involve scar. Is it worth it?

This camera view can be distorting and so it is hard to tell but you do appear to have a long upper lip.

It is important to have a dental evaluation because maxillo-facial conditions can contribute to this appearance.

Lip lifts vary and can use the bull's horn (immediately beneath the nose) or gull wing incisions (immediately above the lipstick line). The former may require a corner lift to avoid excessive lifting of the central potions of the lip. I generally prefer the former because it tends to leave a less noticeable scar. However, you must be willing to accept a visible scar if you proceed with the surgery. This is not a popular procedure for this reason.

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Am I a candidate for an upper lip lift?

Many thanks for posting your question.

Whilst it is always hard to fully evaluate a lip lift candidate from a single photograph, it does appear that you have a long distance between nose and mouth, as well as a think pink lip. On this basis, you would be an excellent candidate for an upper lip lift. This will rebalance your lower facial proportions in a positive way.

I hope this helps

Marc Pacifico, MD, FRCS(Plast)
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Candidate for Upper Lip Lift?

Thank you for your question. The Lip Lift procedure is performed to accentuate the size and/or shape of the upper lip by removing skin from the region underneath the nose. As the distance is decreased between the nose and the lip, the red lip is 'lifted'. In appropriate individuals, shortening this distance may impart or restore a more favorable balance to lips and face. To further increase the size of the upper lip beyond what is accomplished with a Lip Lift, a volumizing treatment may be used as well.

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Subnasal lip lift has many benefits for the right individual.

An upper lip lift (aka subnasal lip lift) can yield unique benefits for someone with a long distance between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip (>1.5cm) and no dental show. The procedure removes skin & raises the lip towards the nose. This not only shortens the lip, but can reveal the upper teeth, and slightly augments the upper lip size, all producing a more youthful and attractive look.

The only caution is the scar is placed in a location that is difficult if not impossible to hide during the healing process. Eventually, however, it looks quite hidden and virtually invisible- so you'll probably need about 3 months to really "get there". It is worth saying the  results of a lip lift cannot be replicated by injectables or other procedures. In 15 years of doing them, I've found it to be a wonderful procedure for the right patients. 

If if you think you are a candidate, seek out a surgeon in your area who specializes in doing them- and have an honest discussion about the pros & cons. Good luck!

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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Upper Lip Lift Candidacy

Dear alh76,

Candidates for lip augmentation include: thin lips, wrinkled lips due to aging or smoking, asymmetrical lips or those in need of lip reconstruction.

A direct lip lift surgery removes  tissue directly from above the upper lip line border. The end result is a slightly raised effect.

A Subnasal Lip Lift is arguably the most popular method of lip lift surgery.This procedure is performed by removing a bit of skin tissue from underneath the nose.When the incision is closed, the removed tissue creates a slight lift in the upper lip.

The corner lip lift can help create a more uniform lip line post procedure. The corner lip lift uses tiny incisions above the outer corners of the mouth to subtly raise and even the overall mouth contour. This can prevent lip lift patients from winding up with a slightly downturned lip line.


Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Lip lift procedures in Los Angeles

A long upper lip may benefit from non surgical and surgical treatments to improve lip contour and aesthetics. These treatments range from lip volume enhancement to lip lift surgery. 


Dr. Karamanoukian 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Candidate for Upper Lip Lift?

Probably yes, upper lip lift, if well planned and performed, would produce a nice result.  Your question was asked four years ago... Did you do it?  If so, how are the results?

Steve Laverson, MD
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Lip lift options

I do a good number of lip lifts due to post-rhinoplasty lengthening of the upper lip.  I find the sub-nasal bull horn scar to be the best incision when skin excision is needed.  The gull wing scar is not favorable and I tend to stay away from that incision.

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
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Upper Lip Lift

Regarding ; "I have no upper lip. I want to increase the size of my upper lip while decreasing the distance between my nose and my upper lip

It would take more than a single photograph with the lips at rest to definitively advise you if you are a good candidate for a Lip Lift. The operation works best in women who have a long upper lip (as you do) but who on smiling show little to no "white' ( IE no incisor show). If you fall into this category, you may benefit from a lip lift with the scar placed in the shadow of the lip-nose junction. The Upper lip volume could be increased with Restylane or Juvederm.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Selecting a lip lift

Lip lift procedure can be a powerful tool to enhance a patient's appearance.  The important thing is to decide the preferred method for lip enhancement.  If your photo is accurate representation, than you would be a good candidate for a lip lift with incision just under the nose.

The surgeon has to decide which of the lip lift procedures is best suited for each individual patient.  Typically incision  under the nose heals quite nicely with barely perceptible scar.  The incision in the lip line (mucocutaneous junction) typically does not heal so well and can leave the lip looking un-natural, nevertheless in some instances that could be an appropriate choice.  Of course the surgeon should not overlook possible need to enhance the lip volume/fullness to achieve nice balance.  Ultimately in this delicate area a surgeon should have significant experience and talent to choose and execute the correct procedure.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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