What Makes You a Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Spoke to cosmetic nurse and she said i might not be a candidate for a MTT.She felt my belly and said it was hard.I have exercised like forever and i run like 16miles a week,i dont know how i could have intra abdominal fat.I am going back to see the surgeon as she said she is not a Dr & cant tell me anything.Im worried as i have tried everything including lipo to get a flat belly.GP said i had weak muscle wall. Hence the MTT option.Is there any way of flattening other than a MTT. So stressed.

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What Makes You a Candidate for a Mini #TummyTuck? (photo) ANS:

A mini TT works great in pateints that have a really tight upper tummy and lose below the belly button. On your side view you look to me like you would benefit from tightening all the way up to the ribs...So a classic Mini-TT, I would say no..But there is a procedure that lifts all your tummy skin up, disconnects your BB from underneath so no scar around your BB, tightens the whole abdominal wall and then lays the skin back down with just a bit of tightening of the skin above the BB and more below...It may work for you..

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