Would I be a candidate for Invisalign? (photos)

I met with an orthodontist a couple weeks ago. Im 34 years old and have worn the traditional braces 16 years ago. However after getting my braces off I had my wisdom teeth all 4 taken out and wore my retainer as instructed. Sadly my orthodontist at that time became I'll and later passed away. I was never referred to use another doctor. I just wore my retainer until it no longer would fit. After meeting with the orthodontist he told me I'm not a candidate for invisalign what do you think? Thanks

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Potential #Invisalign candidate ... #DrSoftTouch

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Based on your two photos, you appear to be an excellent candidate for Invisalign.  If you were my patient, I would highly recommend Invisalign for you.  I would estimate that your treatment would take about 12-14 months and would really like the results.  Metal braces could do the same thing, but are very cumbersome and unattractive.  Just because your current orthodontist may not agree, it doesn't mean that he is trying to do you a disservice, it's just that Invisalign may not be his preference.  I recommend finding an excellent cosmetic dentist and reviewing their before and after patient photos to determine whether the doctor is capable of delivering the results that you are seeking.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

You look like a candidate to me.

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I have treated hundreds of invisalign cases, many much more crowded with cross bites that what I see in your photos. As the previous DDS answered, I would find a dentist who is highly trained in Invisalign and I think you will find help with very good results. You might want to consider a permanently bonded retainer behind the lower front teeth to prevent future movement of those teeth. Good luck.

John F. Calvert, DDS
Ketchum Dentist

Yes Id Recommend

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We have used Invisalign for a number of years and in general get excellent results .
Taking a look at the photographs Id certainly say its worth arranging a consultation to align the Anterior Teeth .
Many patient present with the request for correction of the anterior teeth that are visible and Invisalign is a good solution. 
Hope this helps.

Tracey Bell, BDS
Great Britain Dentist

Most Anyone is a Candidate for Invisalign

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For a really good Invisalign result, find a general dentist in your area who is a Premier or Elite Premier Invisalign provider.  There you will find a provider who has the skill to do what you want.  General dentists without orthodontic training move all their teeth with the Invisalign aligner system.  Hence their knowledge and expertise with Invisalign often is more extensive than orthodontists.  Orthodontists can alway go back to straight wire techniques.  General dentists can't.  I am a general dentist.  I look at your photo and with what you sent, say of course, we could treat your smile.  I have had orthodontists tell me they can't do something with Invisalign when I know I can.  Perception and experience.  So look for experience.  Look for the Elite Premier provider on the Invisalign website.  You will find what you need there.  And don't give up. You will be very, very happy with your new smile when you are done!  (One last piece, think of retention as a lifelong habit.  Wear your retainers every night when Inv, is all over.  You will be glad you did when you are 70!)

Why not?

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While Invisalign has its limitations, I see no reason not to try.   It may take longer or may not be perfect, but it will certainly do SOMEthing....

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