Candidate for Invisalign? (photo)

I have a missing a central incisor on my lower teeth I was just born without one. I have always had three bottom Incisors no idea why. From what I remember of my x-ray snapshots everything’s ok it’s just there is a tooth missing on my lowers & moderate spacing on my uppers. What are my options? I was thinking invisalign and then an implant is my only option. How long would it take briefly? P.s pictures don’t fully represent the severity of spacing due to composite build ups on some of them.

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Missing Teeth, Spacing and Invisalign

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I say ask your dentist to close all your spaces as your fist Invisalign set up.  See if the online schematic called the ClinCheck can make this happen.  It just might be that the spacing on your upper with a little arch expansion in the side teeth (premolar region) will take up the slack of the bottom spacing and you will not need an implant.  It is OK to only have three teeth in front.  I have several patients whose bites are set up that way and no one can tell.  It works and it will save you some money too!  Good luck!

What types of tooth movements can be done with Invisalign aligners?

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Although it is hard to tell by the pictures you sent, it is very likely that your treatment goals can be achieved with Invisalign. I can clearly see spacing, rotations and a missing lower tooth, all these problems can be corrected, other issues may be present as well.  One would need a comprehensive evaluation to determine if the Invisalign aligners can achieve all of your goals. Types of malocclusion that have crowded, spaced and rotated teeth, can often be re-aligned using aligners. Go get your teeth examined and get on with treatment you will not regret it!!

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Need more info to tell if Invisalign will work

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As mentioned below, please resubmit photos with your back teeth totally closed (biting down). Also try to spread your cheeks and provide a much wider smile. You appear to have a very narrow arch, possibly having had some bicuspid extractions in the past? If that is thecase, and if you would need major expansion, then Invisalign would NOT be thetreatment of choice.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Invisalign has limitations

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The answer is always "yes" but the result may not be what you want.  You CAN use Invisalign, but the result may not be enough to satisfy you.  If you plan to do an implant, traditional braces may be best for proper expansion and space control.

Invisalign for Openbite

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Its hard to tell from the photos if you are an invisalign candidate?  Are you biting all the way down your normal bight? If so then you would not be an invisalign candidate.  If you are not biting all the way down then take some more pictures with the lips retracted and biting all the way down.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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