Could I Be a Candidate for a Hybrid or Modified Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I've seen 3 surgeons who have recommended a standard tummy tuck. I'm 114lbs, 5'5", 32 years old and am moderately active. I've had 3 csections and while I do have a good amount of faded stretch marks on my lower abdomen, they do not bother me. I am mostly bothered by the lip of skin at the base of my tummy and my navel area. I have a 2 finger width diastasis recti with umbilical hernia. I am not interested in the hip to hip scar involved in a standard tt procedure. Would love advice! Thanks!

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Minitummy Tuck and Endoscopic Plication

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    Minitummy tuck and plication with lighted retractor can be performed.  I think this may be what you asking.  Find the surgeon with elite credentials who suits your needs.

Tummy Tuck and Weight Loss

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In some women, the abdominal skin will contract after delivery and maintain a great deal of its natural tone. Abdominal bulging may be confined to the area below the belly button. In these patients, a mini-tummy tuck may be adequate, which involves a shorter suprapubic incision, no surgical alteration of the belly button, and a quicker recovery time.
In a mini-abdominoplasty, the rectus abdominis muscles may be tightened below the belly button only, if the abdominal "bulge" is confined to that area. If abdominal wall laxity extends above the belly button, it is possible to tighten the muscles all the way up to the level of the sternum (ribcage). To do this, the umbilical stalk is divided at its base, and then reinserted at its original location once the muscle-tightening sutures have been placed. The patient still keeps their 'original' belly button.
A mini-tummy tuck generally does not alter the blood supply of the abdominal skin as much as a full tummy tuck, and therefore more aggressive liposuction of the waist and back may be performed in many cases.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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A Full Tummy Tuck Gives Optimal Results

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After looking at your photos you would benefit from a full Tummy Tuck. You have significant muscle laxity, an umbilical hernia, stretch marks, skin laxity from your 3 pregnancies, and a long C-section scar. Unfortunately, the length of the mini tummy tuck is almost as long as the full tummy tuck without many of the full tummy tuck benefits. An optimal candidate for a mini has to be totally happy with your upper abdomen, because the upper abdominal skin will not be tightened. A full tummy tuck will: (1) Tighten the upper and lower abdominal skin, 2) Correct the diastasis recti, (3) Remove the lower abdominal loose skin and stretch marks, (4) Repair the Umbilical hernia, (5) Incorporate and revise a C-section scar. The scar length can be shortened if the resection pattern and closure are designed properly by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.


Am I a candidate for a mini tummy tuck?

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From the pictures that you submitted, it appears that your primary problem area is the central part of the lower abdomen.  You appear to have very little excess skin on the sides.  In your case, a mini tummy tuck would definitely improve your appearance. 

Mini or Full Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Which procedure you choose to do, if any, will depend on exactly what your goals are. If your goal is to correct the diastasis recti (and improve the abdominal wall contour from the side view) and remove as much skin as possible, then a full tummy tuck operation is indicated. Personally, I would not offer you a mini tummy tuck operation given the limitations of the operation and the potential for dissatisfaction.

 Your other option surgically is to (relatively simply) remove the redundant skin above the C-section scar.  I would also suggest that you have the umbilical hernia repaired. during this procedure some additional skin around the umbilicus can be removed if it is of concern to you.  Of course,  this option would not address the diastasis recti,  but the scar would be decreased in length.

 I hope this helps.

Am I a candidate for a mini tumy tuck?

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Thank you for your question and photos. Yes you are an excellent candidate for a mini tumy tuck. "Mini" means a small incision just below your C-section scars (which is removed). Through this incision and with specialized instruments I do the muscle plication and the umbilical hernia repair. Also use the VASER lipo to sculpt the abdomen and hips at the same time.  See a board certified plastic surgeon familiar with VASER Hi-Def lipo and or 4D sculpt tummy tuck. Good luck.

Hybrid tummy tuck vs mini tummy tuck vs. full tummy tuck... avoiding the 'mini tuck look'

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From your pictures, it would appear you would be a candidate for a Hybrid tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty which involves revision of your C-section scar, and tightening of the fascia all the way beyond your abdominal bulge.

This procedure is best for very fit moms who don't have a large amount of loose skin.

A mini tummy tuck would be a poor choice because the fascia of the upper abdomen doesn't get tightened with a mini tuck, and a 'ledge' then shows the upper abdominal bulge and a flat lower abdomen, the so called 'mini tuck look'.

It is generally wise to have dedicated instruments and lighting specifically for the hybrid abdominoplasty for the best exposure, to treat any unexpected hernias (i.e. in the upper epigastric area, and for complicated umbilical hernias, long waisted patients, etc. 

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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What is This Crease on my Right Nipple and the Indentation Under Right One?

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Thank you for your question and the posted photos. 

\I do think that you would do best with a full TT. It may be possible to use a scar that is shorter than you may have seen in other patients, but to get rid of the overhang it will have to be about a inch longer in each direction than the c-section scar. 

Precise planning cannot be done based solely upon the photos, but rather on findings on examination. Variations in technique will be based upon the amount of skin excess. 

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Could I Be a Candidate for a Hybrid or Modified Mini Tummy Tuck?

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In a word the "hybrid" TT is the option. But in my terms I refer to the techniques as a "short scar TT with diastasis repair. In other words a full TT. 

When to consider a mini tummy tuck

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Cosmetic plastic surgery is like all surgery in the sense that the operation has to fit the diagnosis; so if a mini tummy tuck will not correct the problem then it is the wrong operation. What a mini tummy tuck will do is tighten the skin of the lower abdomen a little bit, and provide access for a diastasis repair and possibly the umbilical hernia. A variation called an "umbilical float" would be done if the hernia is repaired. However, there is always the risk that you would not be satified with the amount of improvement in skin tone with a mini, so the plastic surgeons who have examined you are in the best position to give advice specific to your situation;.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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