If I'm Not a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift, Who Do I See Next?

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Brazilian butt lift options if I am not candidate

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If you don't have enough fat for a Brazilian but augmentation, there are actually two options that might help you accomplish the desired results.  The first one is to gain weight. Typically, I recommend patients to gain at least 20 pounds prior to surgery. This will be enough fat to sculpt your buttocks and make your buttocks look bigger and with a nicer shape.

The next option is use a butt implant. This is a viable option to augment this area. The fact is that any time you put a foreign body into any part of the body, there is always the risk that the implant might be rejected or get infected among other things. But implants are not typically performed by most plastic surgeons. For this reason, you need to consult a plastic surgeon who routinely does butt implants. Now, I always inject fat with a butt implant because the butt implant increases the size of the buttocks only in the central part. As a result, it does not help blend the hips with the buttocks.

Buttock Enhancement Surgeons should be able to offer you all of the alternatives

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Hi there-

Provided you are in the hands of a surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and that that surgeon has significant experience in buttock enhancement, they should be able to offer you all of the options available- including implants.

Who is a candidate for Brazilian buttock lift

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The best candidates for a Brazilian buttock lift (fat transfer) are those patients who have some extra fat in certain areas of their bodies. Whether it's their abdomen, lower back, love handles or thighs. You need to have sufficient fat in order to have a successful buttock augmentation. If you are too thin, you may need to gain weight prior to surgery or consider having silicone gluteal implants.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to see which procedure is best for you.

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William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift who is a candidate

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 Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. There is no cutoff for who can and cannot have liposuction fat injection. If there are problem areas of fat liposuction can remove these problem areas. You don't have to be heavy to make a change with liposuction and you don't have to have massive amounts of fat to make a change in the buttocks.

When you do a Brazilian butt lift the liposuction makes more of a change in how the buttocks looks then the fat injection. Hourglass shape or the S-curve is created by liposuction the waist. If you made the waist narrower than the hips the patient will be curvy. I think of the liposuction as a cake and fat injection is the icing.

I have done the liposuction and fat injection in very thin people and changes shape to make people without a shape  to a person with an hourglass shape. Don't be too sure that you're not a candidate for liposuction fat injection.

The buttocks implants for popular in the United States 10 years ago are still available but then replaced with a liposuction and fat injection because they had frequent problems with infection. There are no products off the shelf available in United States at this time for injection to the buttocks.

If you would like you could send me photographs and I couldn't tell you if I think liposuction fat injection could help you.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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If you are not a candidate for a brazilian butt lift

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Most likely if you are not a candidate for a BBL, that means that you do not have a sufficient amount of fat to transfer to the buttocks.  In this case, you can consider buttock implants to achieve your desired results.  It is very important to select a board certified plastic surgeon who has significant experience in this procedure.


Dr. Tachmes


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